Criminal Defense


The criminal lawyers at Langdale Vallotton, LLP, have represented clients in hundreds of criminal cases with successful results. We strive to obtain the best possible result for each client and provide the personal attention that each client deserves.

Our criminal defense attorneys efficiently assess the merits of each case and counsel clients on whether proceeding with trial or working with prosecutors to resolve the matter is in our client’s best interest. Above all, the attorneys at Langdale Vallotton work to protect each client’s constitutional rights.

Our criminal lawyers concentrate their practice in the following areas:

  • Felony cases, including armed robberies, burglaries, theft cases, drug cases, property crimes and other felony cases.

  • Misdemeanor cases, representing clients in State and Municipal Court for D.U.I., assault, battery, criminal trespass, family violence, obstruction, and many other misdemeanor cases.

  • Probation cases in both State and Superior Court.

  • Juvenile cases, representing juveniles charged with felonies, misdemeanors, and status offenses in Juvenile Court.

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