Civil Litigation

Our commercial litigation team is involved in some of the largest and most complex civil litigation in South Georgia. Recently, we represented one of the wealthiest families in Beverly Hills, California, against the largest real estate investment trust (“REIT”) from New York over the ownership of one of the largest K-Mart buildings auctioned off in the bankruptcy case of K-mart in Chicago, Illinois. We also represented a national paper company in litigation arising out of the largest wildfire in Georgia’s history which consumed millions of dollars of valuable timberland. We represented the Benelli family of Italy in a commercial dispute which had resulted in an injunction prohibiting them from importing motorcycles into the United States, and were able to not only obtain a reversal of the injunction, but a complete dismissal of the entire lawsuit.

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We have been involved in litigation involving the split of doctors from two of the largest medical practices in South Georgia and are at any given time involved in numerous multi-million dollar disputes between various corporations and other business entities. We have the expertise to handle complex matters ranging from trademark and patent litigation to real estate disputes.

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