Legal Guidance for Partnership Agreements

The business and corporate attorneys at Langdale Vallotton, LLP, recognize that a strong business partnership or joint venture begins with a reliable legal agreement. In drafting these partnership agreements, it’s imperative to protect not only yourself, but also the business that is receiving so much time, energy and investment from the business partners.

At Langdale Vallotton, LLP, we can assist you with specific matters relating to:
· Percentage of ownership
· Profit and loss allocation
· Partnership guidelines
· Dispute resolutions
· Various legal guidelines

Another significant aspect of our business and corporate law practice involves the representation of physicians and physician groups in the formation of professional corporations. Within these groups, we’ve assisted with drafting and negotiating physician shareholder agreements.

No matter your business industry or background, we encourage you to set up a no-obligation consultation prior to drafting any partnership or joint venture agreement or other legally binding document. For more information, please contact us.