Need Assistance with a Contractual Agreement?

It’s no surprise that contracts are required for nearly any business decision. At Langdale Vallotton, LLP, our contract attorneys have significant experience counseling individuals on a wide range of contractual arrangements including:

· Franchise agreements
· License agreements
· Distributorship agreements
· Independent contractor agreements
· Manufacturing agreements
· Leases and financing documents

When drafting or reviewing any contract, it’s important to ensure that your best interests are accounted for and that you clearly understand the details outlined in the “fine print” of these documents. Our attorneys are experienced in meeting with individuals and taking the time to understand your needs and interests prior to providing legal counsel surrounding a contractual agreement.

If you’re considering signing a significant contract or need assistance drafting one, please set up a no-obligation consultation with a member of our business law team. We’re local, reliable and committed to providing service that gives you peace of mind. Please contact us to learn more.